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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 17, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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being done now to save lives in the future. and somehow they have done it again. for the third time in five years, the giants headed back to the world series, and we'll hear from the man who made it happen. what a great game! late rain on the way as we head throughout the day today. we've got a comfortable, sunny weekend coming your way. kind of a transitional period, as more rain returns for this week. i'm talking about temperatures dropping, cold wind, and rain in the forecast. no heat. your full numbers coming up in just moments. and let's take a live look outside now of downtown san jose on your friday as cristina just mentioned. so much to come, looking forward to this weekend. it is friday, october the 17th. and you are watching "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a drive! deep into right field!
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way back there! a home run! for the game! and for the pennant! the giants have won the pennant! >> and one sweet swing sends the giants back to the world series for the third time in just five years. it is a good time to be a fan. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia cannon. >> i'm sam brock. excitement all around. in case you missed it, bottom of the eighth inning, with their backs against the wall, michael morse coming off the bench, he's been injured. pinch hit and knocks that out of the park. morse sent a shot to tie the game. and bottom of the ninth, travis ishikawa ends the game there, a shot that just clears levi's landing, sending the giants to the world series. that. >> moment captured in today's
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"san francisco chronicle," the headline reads "giants walk off to world series" and proclaims them, what else, national league champions for now. >> they won the pennant, can't take that away. here's a live look at at&t park at 5:02, quiet now. fans have to wait another week to see their fans play there in the world series, because the giants open up in kansas city on tuesday and wednesday. and then they are back to san francisco on friday. >> and within minutes of the giants' win, graphic sportswear began printing the t-shirts. we open the pennant. sharp looking. leaves no doubt as to what they're trying to say. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, kris and sam. here we are, at&t park. fans sure know how to generate a lot of trash. a good eight hours after the game, and the janitorial crew still having to pick up what people left behind. and they're not the only ones who have been working overnight.
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you mentioned graphics sportswear not from far from here. they have been working since yesterday morning in anticipation of the fact the giants would win the game last night, which they did. they have to churn out 25,000 of those "we own the pennant" t-shirts, which you will be able to wear this morning. they want them at the dugout support store by 8:00 a.m. so people waking up this morning can wear them to work, school or for the weekend. we spoke with the manager there. he said basically it's a 24-hour run there and they had to call in an extra 40 workers to get the t-shirts churned out. and there you are, looking at the video, celebration after last night's win after travis ishikawa had the walkoff three-run home run hit into right field. i'll tell you, that's the first
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time the giants have gone to the world series on a walkoff homer in 63 years. last time was in 1951. so the team is going to take today off. they're going to release the schedule a little later today. but we understand they will be training back here at at&t park tomorrow. on tuesday, wednesday, they'll be playing the royals in kansas city. of course, those are the first two games of the seven-game world series. and back here friday, saturday, sunday if need be. if you're thinking about coming here for those games friday and saturday and possibly sunday, as far as we can tell online, those tickets are sold out, at least from the team. if you go to stub hub, hey, seats like the standing room over there at levi's landing, those are only going to run you, i don't know, about $520. it's just a drop in the bucket. and then they go on up from there. if you want to get an actual bleacher seat, i think those are starting somewhere where these workers are now, somewhere in the $600 range. a very cheap event, if you want to attend a week from today here
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at at&t park. >> at least we know that that game will happen. it's always the later ones where you, like are buying these tickets and you don't know if they're going to make it all the way. >> yeah. no question we'll have a couple games minimum here at at&t park. >> they do refund, though. >> yeah good. because the kids should go to college. you like the shirt? what do you think? we own the pennant. >> very much complements your skin tone. i like it. >> black and orange, my best colors. it is a truly remarkable achievement for the giants to be going to the world series for the third time in five years, statistically speaking. pretty impressive, when you keep in mind they only went to the world series three times total in the first 52 years that the team played here in the bay area. as of now, the giants have won seven world championships dating back to when the team played in new york. that is now tied with boston for the fourth-most in baseball history. >> no question the giants now have put themselves into baseball royalty territory.
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coming up in the next half hour, hear from understandably emotional travis ishikawa after he shrugs out a game-winning walkoff home run. >> and more on the giants winning the pennant at there you can see a photo gallery of all of the sweet moments and raw video of the fans celebrating in the streets of san francisco. all of it, new this morning, shortly after the game ended, a brawl broke out near the ballpark. police say a group of fans got into a fight around 10:00 last night near third and channel streets. somebody fired a gun, causing the group to scatter. police don't think anybody was shot, but one person did have to be taken to the hospital with a broken nose. it is unclear how the fight started. in other news this morning, we are remembering the 25th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake, which shook california. the 6.9 magnitude quake killed 63 people and caused billions of dollars in damage to roadways and to homes and businesses.
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the earthquake's epicenter was in the santa cruz mountains. it was quick, but it was strong. in just 15 seconds, the quake shook buildings right off their foundations, and folded highways like pieces of paper. most of the 62 people who were killed in the quake were on the cyprus freeway in oakland when it collapsed. more than 3,700 people were hurt, and there was significant damage from santa cruz county to san francisco. we have been talking a lot lately about earthquake preparedness and to help mark today's somber anniversary. the salvation army has come up with a unique way for you and your family to be ready. stephanie joins us live in san francisco to show exactly how. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, sam and kris. we're talking about top chef. not the kind you're thinking. we're talking about taste of preparedness, the acronym here. and joining me this morning is the head of the salvation army, anthony hardy. good morning.
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>> good morning. >> reporter: you are busy here. these are ingredients from a survival kit, right? >> yeah, these are things you should have in your pantry, and we're making a little roast, and this here is the beginnings of our tuna casserole. and excuse me, i've got to keep this -- >> reporter: yeah, flipping. >> got to keep this moving. the idea is that whatever you want to eat in case of an emergency, you should stock up and be prepared. >> reporter: and that it can be delicious, right? >> it can be very delicious. it can be whatever you want it to be. >> reporter: all right. thank you so much. that's anthony parde. so we're talking about being prepared. you're supposed to have kits in place. joining me now is john mcknight, director of emergency and disaster services for salvation army. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: how long is this food supposed to last in a survival kit? >> we would hope people get food and have at least a year's expiration time and people's food would last three days after an event. >> reporter: at least three
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days. >> at least three days. >> reporter: and you're talking about the most important things to have. water, of course, is a big one. >> water is the most important, because not only is it for hydration, but for sanitation. we want them to have a mix of food so they have a few different things to eat and, of course, my favorite, chocolate. >> reporter: that i don't think people have a problem stocking up on. the point is, you have these things, right? you just need to get them together. >> we believe most people already have a disaster kit in their pantry. and if they just take it out, look in there, they'll realize they're more prepared than they think. >> reporter: you've got the message this morning. this is a demo. in fact, tonight at 5:30, san francisco fire department, police department, are just a couple teams who are going to compete in seeing who can come up with the best dish. in half an hour, what major bay area cities are doing in this emergency preparedness situation. live in san francisco, stephanie trong, "today in the bay." >> go back and check the pantries and make sure you have the items you need. thank you very much, stephanie. there are several planned memorials across the bay area today in honor of the people who
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died in the earthquake. in oakland, officials will hold a moment of silence to honor the more than 40 people who died on 880. and the u.s. geological survey along with u.c. santa cruz are holding a 25th anniversary commemoration in santa cruz. also a moment of silence will be held inside the san francisco marriott hotel, which opened on this day 25 years ago shortly before the earthquake struck. we have complete coverage of the 25th anniversary of the loma prieta quake on our website, there you can find hundreds of pictures, as well as videos from the day the disaster struck, but perhaps most importantly, you can find preparedness tips so that you can be ready for the next big one, which experts say is inevitable. >> we know many folks are developing an early detection system now so you can be ready. always good to be prepared for anything. on that note, let's check in with meteorologist cristina loren who prepares us for what to expect this weekend with your weather. good morning, cristina. >> good morning to you. i always put out a call to action to all of the viewers out
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there. hey, whenever you go to the store, grab extra water, grab extra nonperishable food items, because we never do know. 30-second warning is great. but that's not much warning. you can't get to the store in that time. you can't even get through the checkout line. i do want to point this out. because this is something that a lot of newcomers are not aware of when it comes to the actual epicenter of loma prieta back in 1989. it actually occurred closer to san jose than the east bay where we hear about all of that damage. i don't think a lot of people are aware of that. now as we head throughout the day today, we're going to see a little bit of rain in spots. not everybody is going to need their umbrella. here's what we're working with now. you can see the front moving into northern california, very slowly. and that's actually a really good component of this storm system. it's not racing through. however, it does look like it's going to kind of lift to the north as we head throughout the day today, so we're not going to see a lot of this activity in the south bay. but watch what happens, getting a little bit of moisture up in the north bay and about lunch time we'll continue that chance
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as we head throughout the second half of the day. and it looks good for rain, right? yeah, i don't think so. i think a lot of that is going to fall apart. i know, before coming into the bay area. here's the deal. i actually think it has something to do with our unusually warm ocean currents. so that's something we have been investigating in the weather center. temperatures right now mostly in the 50s. we are on our way to the 60s and 70s. switching gears now, mike deserveingly has a day off today, and so i'm doing double duty. the good thing is, everybody is behaving themselves. this is the first accident so far this morning, crash in san francisco. northbound 101 at silver avenue, it's reportedly in the median. so you do want to watch out for that. not blocking any lanes. you can see it's all green around that area. we'll keep tabs on your drive. right now back to you sam and kris. >> the rain like a mirage. here it is, now gone. 5:12 on your friday. after the break, a health care worker from texas quarantined on a cruise ship.
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>> why the cdc demanded she be placed in isolation.
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and now to our developing story on ebola. a health care worker who handled a lab specimen from thomas duncan is now quarantined on a cruise ship this morning. duncan is the man who died last week from ebola in dallas. officials say there was no travel ban when the woman left on that cruise, and she has not shown symptoms in the last 19 days. meanwhile, ebola patient, nina pham, the first nurse infected, left dallas last night and arrived at the national institutes of health in maryland, just around midnight. the 26-year-old nurse was the first of two nurses in texas who got the virus while treating thomas duncan. pham has been in isolation since saturday, and officials say she is stable, doing reasonably well. there was a video released of her smiling from her hospital bed. also, lawmakers are
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pressuring president obama to ban travel outright from west africa. but the president says a ban might force travelers to hide where they're coming from, increasing the risk. he's also considering a so-called ebola czar, and a government official to oversee the response. that could include reserves and the national guard. coming up in the next 30 minutes, we have a live report from washington about new ebola predictions released by the world health organization. sam? >> thank you, kris. president obama this morning poised to make an announcement regarding protecting money. and a quicker way to get your caffeine. now you have piqued our interest. for that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn to mary thompson live this morning at cnbc's world headquarters. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. looking ahead to this morning on wall street, right now it looks like we are set for a higher open. of course, things can change in the next hour and fifteen minutes. that's probably good news for investors. another wild day for the markets thursday. stocks dropped sharply at the
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opening before staging a comeback. the dow tumbling over 200 points, but did recover to close with just a 24-point loss at 16,117. the nasdaq ended with a two-point gain 2, 417. traders and comments from the federal reserve official who said they could buy treasury bonds to boost the economy, in part because of the market turmoil. the bank had been set to end that bond-buying program this month. today, data on housing and consumer and earlier this morning, general electric and morgan stanley both reported stronger than expected earnings and that's giving a lift to the futures markets this morning. also, fed chair janet yellen speaks before the opening bell. president obama is expected to announce today the u.s. will boost security for government issued debit cards, amid concerns about the safety of americans' financial data. the government will start distributing federal benefits like social security via debit cards that have an internal chip and the chip makes them less vulnerable to fraud.
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u.s. banks are expected to issue more than 500 credit and debit cards with chips by the end of next year, accounting for about half cards in circulation now. and lastly, starbucks is rolling out a new feature next year to let customers pay ahead for orders with their smartphones. the coffee chain has been pushing its mobile payment app and users earn points for every purchase, which can be traded in for food and free drinks. to boost holiday sales, starbucks will also pick ten people who pay with this mobile app to win starbucks for life, or one food or drink item each day for 30 years. but i like the idea of having your coffee ready when you walk in and just walking out. that's a great idea. >> when you need caffeine, time is absolutely of the essence. thank you very much, mary. appreciate it. >> i know, those five minutes waiting in line is too much. >> it is. happening now, powerful hurricane churning straight toward bermuda right now. gonzalo, not just our assignment desk person, but also category 4
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storm hit the island nation this afternoon. but with winds topping 150 miles, though being downgraded, residents not taking any chances. they have been boarding up windows, stocking up on supplies as they get ready to hunker down. gonzalo is the first category 4 storm in the atlantic since 2011. halfway across the world, another storm could gain strength as it brushes past hawaii today. yesterday the hawaii governor declared a state of emergency while volunteers went door to door, warning people of dangerous surf and storm surges. tropical storm anna could become a hurricane and is expected to hit the big island tonight into tomorrow morning. some areas will see destructive winds as well as up to 20 inches of rain. this is in the same area that was hard hit just two months ago by tropical storm iselle. storm activity here clearly popping up all over the world right now. i guess the question is, are we seeing impacts of this here in the bay area as you track our
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system? >> you know, we're getting a little bit of the remnant moisture from typhoon vongfong, and i can tell you, yeah, we're still getting that right now. i being tell you, i just got the latest track and projection for that hawaiian storm and anna is looking weaker than we originally anticipated and hooking out to sea. i don't think the big island will take a direct hit or any of the islands it at this point. i'm going to show the track coming up. right now, 5:20, let me show the storm track in our own neck of the woods first. because hey, that's a story in and of itself. we've got rain on the radar, all be it light and mostly concentrated up in the northern most portion of sonoma county for now. we are expecting some of this activity to spread to the south, but it is a really tricky system because of the way it's coming in and the way it looks like it's going to fall apart. as we head throughout the next 24 to 48 hours, though, keeping showers in the forecast with this system around. then it will move out of here as we head throughout your saturday
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into sunday. we'll get a nice weekend, and then more rain on the way for monday. so let me take you through your day, show you the best spot for breaking out that umbrella. and that will be up in sonoma county at 9:00 a.m., and that could add to a slower than usual drive. so do keep that in mind up in the north bay. elsewhere i think we're going to stay relatively dry. until we get into the second half of your day. we stop the clock on your futurecast as we head through friday evening, looking pretty good for rain, most of that stays to the north of the golden gate bridge. we want this to move over the south bay. oh, we want it so bad, but i don't think it will. at least if it does, it's going to kind of fall apart. it won't have this rich moisture and organization associated with it. so that's what we're expecting as we head throughout the day today. and as those models continue to come in, i'll show those to you. 54 degrees for the peninsula right now. at 56 on the east shore. temps stay cool today, 60s and 70s across the board. and, yeah, rain book ends the weekend. temperatures are going to be comfortable but you don't have to worry about cancelling plans.
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saturday and sunday looking good. when we meet back here monday morning, more rain moves in. switching gears now, taking a look at your drive, friday, we're hoping for a friday-like commute. everything looking pretty standard thus far. just tracking one incident, and it's actually in san francisco as you're trying to get into san francisco. northbound 101 at silver avenue, looks like this is now in the clearing stages. we will keep you updated. most of your drive, though, looking pretty good on the san mateo bridge. adding volume. we'll let you know when the backup starts. back to you, sam and kris. >> we like friday light. 5:22 on your friday morning. >> an uber driving banned from driving for the company because of a tweet he sent out. we'll show what he said. closed captioning provided by frontier ford. steven's creek boulevard, san jose.
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now to an investigative unit exclusive at nbc bay area investigation finds a bay area community college chancellor breaking the rules.
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at issue here, san jose district chancellor rita cepedes's decision to use her company credit card. a time line put together from district records led to questions from the investigative and under a board of trustee member. >> was it a mistake to use the district card to buy plane tickets for your husband? >> you know, i know you are an expert at headlines. and i know where you're trying to get. and you're not going to get that headline from me. >> tonight at 11:00, nbc bay area's investigative unit shows you how the chancellor violated district's policy and her contract, even though she eventually did reimburse the district. free speech is not a right guaranteed to uber drivers. according to forbes, a phoenix area driver had his account deactivated after tweeting
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hateful comments about the company. his account was deactivate and had when he asked the company why, it referred to a tweet he sent out linking to an article about uber driver safety. yesterday, uber reactivated the driver's account saying the move was an error by the local team. >> there you have it. time right now -- holding up my hand, 5:26 on a friday. only a matter of hours since the giants walked off winners, clinching a spot in the world series. while you were sleeping, workers at a local t-shirt company worked through the night getting giants' gear ready. find out where you can buy yours and when. a live look outside right now of san francisco. that city obviously getting a little bit energized this weekend. of course you have your weekend ahead, it's friday and the giants going back to the world series. a look at your weather, traffic and news updates right after the break. look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of
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preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46.
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right now at 5:00, remembering the loma prieta earthquake. a look back at the quake that killed dozens of people here in the bay area, and we'll talk about what's different now that could save lives when the next big one strikes. and somehow, they have managed to do it again for the third time in five years. the giants headed back to the world series. we hear from the man who made it happen. and it will be raining more than just champagne today. at least in san francisco. showers on the way. not expecting a lot of that activity to make itself to the golden gate bridge. a beautiful weekend and then a better chance for rain by monday. i'll take you through the changes, give you the time line in your micro climate in just moments. and looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza, volume picking up. mike inouye is off, but cristina is on the job this morning. it is friday, october 17th. this is "today in the bay."
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> swing and a drive! deep into right field. way back there! a home run! for the game! and for the pennant! the giants have won the pennant! >> classic voice there of jon miller, guiding you along the way, one sweet swing sends the giants back to the world series for the third time in a mere five years. good friday morning, very happy friday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> a sleepy friday morning for folks who watched as well. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia cannon. the giants are headed back to the world series, which happened in 2010, 2012 and now it's happening in 2014. >> by my count, three times there. in just recent memory. a live look at at&t park, giants fans have to wait a week to see their home squad back in action here in san francisco. that is because games one and
5:31 am
two of the world series will be played in kansas city. >> now let's revel in that win. this is the front page. "san francisco chronicle." giants walk off to world series. >> exciting. today fans have the chance at that to get their chat-shirt. pretty big lettering, we own the pennant in giants' orange and black. >> looks very good. "today in the bay"'s bob redell is live at at&t park where the t-shirts go on sale this morning, probably more affordable than seats for the first game here in san francisco, bob. >> reporter: oh, yeah. yeah, postseason tickets on stub hub now for games four and five are starting at $500. that's for standing-room only. here we are in the giants' dugout. i think i found the secret to their success for winning the pennant. it's got to be the red vines. this thing is empty. we found this in here. can't blame the team for leaving a mess, considering the celebration going on here in the
5:32 am
dugout, and in the locker room last night after that amazing end to the game, that three-run walkoff homer hit by travis ishikawa into right field. that's the first time the giants have won a pennant with a walkoff homer in 63 years. of i'm talking about back in 1951 with bobby thompson, the shot heard round the world. other people so busy at night, who haven't had a chance to rest, the giants have gone home and are getting their day off today. if you go over to sports graphics, that's where -- graphics sportswear, excuse me, that's where they have been in overdrive. they are the company behind the "we own the pennant" t-shirts you see the players wearing. the manager tells us he called in 40 workers who spent all night running the machines so they can have 25,000 shirts ready by 6:00 this morning. so they got about a half hour to go. they want to get those to the dugout store here at at&t park and other retailers throughout the bay area. here is a portion of our
5:33 am
interview with the company from last night. >> we got a head start this morning, so being up 3-1, we were confident so printed several thousand shirts this morning. but as soon as the home run was hit, the machines fired up again. >> reporter: okay. the team, as i mentioned, is going to rest today. they'll resume training tomorrow here at at&t park. tuesday and wednesday, they play the royals in kansas city. then they're back here for games four -- three and four. that's friday and saturday. game five if necessary, next sunday. so you're looking at another week before they're back here at at & t park. those two games are guaranteed, game five, if necessary. six and seven if more necessary. i know fans hope that's not the case. if you're trying to get tickets, they're sold out on the giants' website. if you go to stub hub, see those areas over there, levi's landing, the places without the bleachers? it's called standing room.
5:34 am
those tickets are starting around 520 goes and goes up from there. it's going to cost a mint if you want to come out and watch the game, see giants' history. this is the third time they're going to the world series in five years. >> i'll spend my money on the champagne, instead. >> they say an engagement ring is supposed to cost two-thirds of your salary, apparently the same for tickets. >> two runners on and one out, travis ishikawa ends the game. three run shot to send the giants to the world series. he can barely believe it. he is understand bly emotional. >> you can't describe it. it's a dream come true, you know, with what i've been through the last few years, not even knowing if i was going to be in the big leagues again or continue playing at the end of the season. to be in this moment right now, it's just -- it's special. >> now if you have not gotten your giants fix just yet, we do have more of the giants winning the pennant this morning on "today in the bay." you can also head over to our
5:35 am
website,, for all of the latest info. happening now, police in the east bay looking for a man they say is armed and dangerous. as part of their search last night, police shut down interstate 880 in fremont for about two hours with their guns drawn. officers searched up and down both sides of the freeway near the mallory avenue exit looking for suspects. it's not clear what the suspect is wanted for, but officers clearly consider him to be dangerous. on this day 25 years ago, the loma prieta earthquake shook california. the 6.9 magnitude quake caused billions of dollars in damage, and destroyed numerous homes, killed 63 people. the earthquake's epicenter was in the santa cruz mountains. it was quick, but it was strong. in just 15 seconds, the quake shook buildings right off their foundations, and folded the freeway like a piece of paper. 63 people who died in that earthquake were on the cyprus freeway, most of them in oakland when it collapsed.
5:36 am
more than 3,700 people were hurt, and there was significant damage from santa cruz county to san francisco. now understandably, we have been talking a lot about earthquake preparedness lately. and to help mark today's somber anniversary, the salvation army has come up with a unique way for you and your family to be ready. "today in the bay"'s stephanie trong joins us. last time we talked to you it was a taste of preparedness. explain what you've got over there. >> reporter: well, we're cooking just about the same things over here, sam. good morning to you. but the point is, kind of spotlighting in a fun way what to do to be prepared. we've got the head of the salvation army san francisco, head chef, anthony parde cooking up some fun stuff. what are you cooking? >> a tuna casserole, a roast, and rice in a frying pan. >> reporter: perfect. sounds yummy, especially early in the morning, out of the canned food ingredients here. i'm going bring in john mcknight, director of emergency services. the point is, you have to have things to last at least 72
5:37 am
hours, right? >> yes. we want people to be ready to survive on their own for at least 72 hours after a major event. >> reporter: and the point also, you've got a lot of stuff already at home probably. >> we believe most people already have their survival kit at home. all they have to do is dig around a little bit, pull some items out of the shelf and creativity can make some really great meals. >> reporter: we know water is really important, but the ability to cook is another part, right? gas and electric. >> yes, we have to prepare that gas and water will be shutting off, so having a camp stove or propane burner is a good idea. they can use it to go out in the country too on weekends. >> reporter: appreciate it. now i want to bring in kristin hogan with the san francisco department of emergency management. kristin, the office -- your office, very different from the way it was 25 years ago when loma prieta hit, right? >> yeah, actually. well, 25 years ago, i was not with the office of emergency services then. hopefully that's obvious. but between then and now, in 1989, the office of emergency services in san francisco was a
5:38 am
much smaller organization. there were a few plans that really weren't often practiced and so forth. and then when the earthquake hit, we really learned that that office really needed to be bolstered. since then, department of emergency management has evolved to be a very sophisticated and professional emergency management organization. we regularly train and exercise with city agencies, and humanitarian organizations, including the red cross and salvation army. we practice, we get ready, even last week while fleet week was here, we had the military and they're a major humanitarian and disaster assistance organization. we had a big exercise with them. you may have seen them demonstrating their capabilities. we worked with them, as well. >> reporter: thank you so much, kristin. really appreciate it. tonight at 5:30, police and fire department competing in this kind of cookoff. coming up in 30 minutes, we'll show something very different. a demo you won't want to miss on the topic of emergency preparedness. now live in san francisco, stephanie trong, "today in the bay." >> that kind of collaboration is heartening to hear. thank you, stephanie. we do have complete coverage
5:39 am
of the 25th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake on our website, if you go there, you can check it out, find hundreds of pictures, as well as videos from the day that disaster struck. and it is 5:39 now. meteorologist cristina loren says that we have a conveyor belt ready to bring in storms. >> yeah, we just need them to line up out there. yeah, this one is kind of a did you do. so far. it might actually turn out to be okay. but everything i'm looking at right now, don't impress me much, like shania twain this morning. taking a look at the radar, you can see the showers moving into the north of the bay area. as we head throughout the day today, the front will move to the south and we will get a little bit of rainfall, but i think it's going to break apart on the way. so not expecting much to the south of the golden gate bridge. 53 degrees in the south bay, 54 on the peninsula. east shores at 56 degrees. and san francisco, oh, beautiful start to the day there. 59 degrees. little bit of cloud cover, not a lot of fog just yet. we could see that develop if we
5:40 am
do between now and 9:30. as this front comes in, conditions will change. we stopped that clock, getting moderate rainfall in sonoma county at 9:00, everything starts to press south as we head through 1:00. and this is really going to be kind of the cutoff point. areas to the north of highway 92. that's where i think we're going to see the moisture. and if you live south of 92, not expecting much, especially on the east end, south end of the bay area. front is going to kind of fall apart as it moves through for today. nonetheless, keep your umbrella handy. we keep the rain chances going as we head throughout the beginning of next week. so let's talk about your drive this morning. a couple things happening. as you know, people are waking up, hitting the highway, making their way to work. and as the volume increases, this could become problematic. a crash in the tri valley, southbound 680 as you approach 84. crash there blocking the right-hand lane. so far delays not that bad. this could become a factor you might want to give yourself an extra ten minutes. want to show you 580 through livermore.
5:41 am
nobody tapping the brakes yet, but you can see the volume steadily increasing in both directions. as is my hunger, as we keep talking about that, kris sanchez, you know what i'm talking about. so good. >> i don't know what she's talking about. >> talking about what we're going to make if there is an earthquake. you can come over. 5:41 now. ebola concerns now on a cruise ship. coming up, the latest on another health care worker who may have come into contact with the man who died from ebola in a texas hospital.
5:42 am
5:43 am
you're watching "today in the bay." both nurses infected with ebola are now being cared for in hospitals outside of texas. this is video here of nina pham boarding a flight to maryland. she arrived late last night and now in a special containment unit. tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill. we are now hearing another health care worker being watched for ebola is on a cruise ship in
5:44 am
the middle of the caribbean. >> reporter: this is a lab supervisor who happened some of the samples when thomas duncan was in the hospital. she was in that group of people checking temperature twice a day, checking in if they felt sick. she didn't, so she went on a cruise with her husband as planned. and then the cruise line got a call letting her know she was on board. the cruise line got her in isolation, as a precaution, along with her husband. two more days on the cruise and only two more days she is supposed to be monitored. no fever, no symptoms or anything like that. meantime, nina pham, as you noted, is here. she is in stable condition this morning, they'll do some diagnostic tests over at nih to see if they can give her some sort of experimental treatment. and then finally, the president is still deciding no on whether or not to do a travel ban. he doesn't want to do that. but he is looking at appointing one person sort of an ebola czar to oversee the response.
5:45 am
>> at least some encouraging news on nina pham's front. thank you very much. the ebola concern is leading to some interesting money-making opportunities. but none more so than the ebola plush toy. what? the website, giant microbes creates plush versions of microscopic organisms, including ebola. the write up says, ebola has become the t rex of microbes. they also sell an hiv and botulism plush toy so the ebola isn't that surprising. what it is, the plush toy is out of stock. it costs just $9.95. >> i don't really knowing where to go from here so i'm going to keep going. the faa will ask lawmakers today for more money this morning after that fire at an illinois air traffic control facility that crippled air travel. the agency wants to upgrade equipment so it can guide planes by satellite, rather than radar. it also wants to use runways better. the september 26th fire forced airlines to cancel thousands of
5:46 am
flights. you'll recall these images of people camping out at chicago area airports. it also impacted a number of flights right here in the bay area. there's a very special and unique punishment for a former facebook president, sean parker, after his environmentally unfriendly wedding in big sur. >> this was expensive all around. as expected, the state coastal commission find him $2.5 million after he failed to obtain permits for his $10 million wedding in june of last year. the wedding included props that encroached on a redwood forest. along with that fine, the commission also requiring parker to create a beach mapping app for the state's use. the app will help beach-goers figure out how to get around private property to get to the public coastline. well, it is deadline day today for pot clubs all over san jose. the clubs have until today to file a permit with the city to open or reopen. so far, only six clubs have been approved in the first phase of this process. 16, though, have had their permits denied. about a half dozen other clubs are still you said review.
5:47 am
san jose had as many as 100 clubs in operation when the city put new restrictions in place back in july. the first phase of permitting closes clubs who are not in compliance with city restrictions, such as being far enough away from schools and residential neighborhoods. good news for north bay commuters today, because there will be no golden gate bus strike after all. there is a tentative agreement in place. the deal must be approved by union members, but will be presented to the board of the golden gate bridge district next friday. new trouble for hawaii. tropical storm anna is moving into the same area that was hit hard two months ago, by tropical storm iselle. yesterday hawaii's governor declared a state of emergency. the volunteers went door to door, warning people of the dangerous surf and storm surges. anna is expected to hit the big island tonight into tomorrow morning. and it is 5:47 now. meteorologist christina loren here now with that. and we're talking anna and -- >> and the giants, we'll get to
5:48 am
that. one topic at a time. >> leaving your t-shirts and dirty laundry at my spot. i didn't give it the sniff test. but during the break, i might. 5:47. let's take you outdoors and show what we are working with. first and foremost, anna appears to be heading out to sea, and away from the hawaiian islands. so that's a bit of good news this morning. coming up in just a little bit, i'm going to show you the latest track and intensity that just came out from the national hurricane center. so stick around for that. otherwise, we've got a little rain on the way to the bay area. really interesting setup. not everybody is going to get the rain. but the places that do, i mean, we could be talking about an inch up in the north bay before the day is done. temps are start south in the 50s. it's nice and clear for the most part. you'll see a gray start in san francisco, and on the east shore. but temperatures really comfortable for today. 68 degrees. in san francisco, not too cold. 72 degrees, meanwhile, in the north bay. as we get into your day, this is where we are expecting the
5:49 am
shower activity. if you're waking up with us in sonoma county, count on what could be a rough drive to work this morning as the front starts to move in during your morning drive. we stop that clock for you again at 1:00 p.m., getting light rainfall at that point to the north of the golden gate bridge and a little activity as far south as san mateo. and then the bulk of the moisture will fall apart before getting to the south bay. nonetheless, like i said, north bay cities tallying up to an inch of rain, looking likely up in santa rosa and north. monday, more rain on the way, and then into tuesday looking good. so peak foliage in tahoe, a lot of people like to do that this time of year and especially on a friday, count a little heavier than normal traffic. right now everything is looking pretty good, except for this crash southbound 680, blocking the right-hand lane in the tri
5:50 am
valley. friday light so far. hopefully that will maintain. back to you, sam and laura. >> oh, my -- >> kris! my heart. i'm sorry about that. kris sanchez, ladies and gentlemen. >> thank you. if you need to get your caffeine quicker, like christina -- now there is an app for that. starbucks is pulling out a new feature next year to let customers pay ahead for orders with their smartphones. i know you love me. the coffee chain has been pushing its mobile payment app that helps users earn points for every purchase, which can then be traded in for free food and drink. to boost holiday sales at starbucks, they will also pick ten people who pay with the mobile app to win starbucks for life. or one food or drink item each day for 30 years. >> cod. caffeine on demand. next, the little giant who happened to steal the show last night after the game. >> i would say. also, how to have your cake and eat it too.
5:51 am
without gaining weight during the tailgating season. and a live look outside at downtown san jose right now. it is dark, a little bit brisk on your friday morning. christina has all of the changes in your weather. you plus a full slate of giants euphoria after this break. stay with us. the nbc bay area ipad app. breaking news, weather reports and videos of the day's big stories. download the nbc bay area ipad app now.
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stepped us for us so many times this year. >> yes! >> you know, that's all we
5:54 am
needed to hear. are you ready to go to the world series? >> the world! >> absolutely. >> the giants may be going to the world series, but it is the next generation that is stealing the show and the microphone. that was buster posey's son lee taking over the mic on national television. his twin sister addison close by, a little more reserved. the celebration also a perfect time for first baseman brandon belt to show off his son, grayson, wearing appropriate socks. >> grayson is one stylish baby. i don't know what language lee posey is speaking, but we're still looking into that. >> he can say whatever he wants. his dad is buster posey. the giants have until tuesday to play the first game of the world series. another big game is this sunday. >> that's right. the 49ers in denver for sunday night football. it will be a contest for the 49ers' defense going up against one of the best quarterbacks in the league. peyton manning could make
5:55 am
history-breaking brett favre's record for most touchdown passes thrown. manning has thrown 506, two short of the record. you can see the game here on nbc bay area, your broadcast home of the san francisco 49ers. our coverage starts at 4:00 with football night in america. fans getting together for sunday night's niners game. we're going to be tempted with a lot of snacks. but health experts at vanderbilt university say there are ways to indulge with lower fat and fewer calories. for instance, grill the chicken wings instead of frying them. or instead of full size burgers, how about sliders. you can replace the pizza with a veggie flat bread. salsa instead of sour cream or cream-based dips. experts suggest filling up on nutrition food before snacking and others say we're not coming. >> grilled chicken wings. >> i would try that. >> okay. maybe christina.
5:56 am
she is tracking what's going on with your weather on this glorious weekend. good morning. >> good morning. never a bad time for chicken. that is definitely the case. and i'm getting hungry with all this talk this morning. it's friday. we made it to the end of the week. we have a little rain, we've got more on the way as we head throughout the day today. but i want to talk about this storm barreling toward the hawaiian islands. tropical storm anna, very strong tropical storm at this point. 70-mile-an-hour max winds. and we start out at cat 1 hurricane, 74 miles per hour. so likely to intensify to category 1 strength. as we head throughout the next 24 hours. but look at the track. now it looks like that system is going to hook away from the hawaiian islands and they will not be taking a direct hit. so that's some really good news this morning. also good news when it comes to the prices of our cona coffee beans and macadamia nuts. temperatures mostly in the 50ss. plantations spared for us. light rain. i don't think we're going to see much as we head throughout the
5:57 am
afternoon south of the golden gate bridge, but could measure upwards of an inch up in the north bay. switching gears now, a look at your drive. right now the metering lights are on. a crash at 680 has cleared. at this point, we are currently accident-free across the bay area. hopefully that will be the case. we'll keep you updated. back to you, sam and kris sanchez. >> i know you love me. >> i do. it is 5:57. in a few minutes, lack in the locker room at at&t park where the champagne and beer were flowing after last night's walkoff win. and a live shot outside of a sleepy san francisco right now. coming up at 6:00 on your friday morning, but get ready to be pumped up. so much going on this weekend. we'll be right back with more news, weather and traffic, right after this break.
5:58 am
californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
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right now at 6:00,
6:00 am
remembering loma prieta. a look back at the devastating earthquake, plus the unusual way responders are getting you ready for the next one. and new worries over ebola after word that a health care worker exposed to the virus is now on a cruise ship with hundreds of other passengers. and the champagne never tasted so sweet. the giants on their way now to their third world series in just five years. >> oh, what a way to start your friday! late rain on the way, not for everybody. kind of a tricky system. i'll show you that. comfy conditions as we get into your weekend. a better chance for rain on monday. we could see upwards of an inch of rain, though, as we head throughout today. not everybody is going to get it. lots to go over in your micro climate forecast in just moments. and a live look outside at at&t park this morning. things are looking pretty cleared up now. it is friday, october 17th


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